Friday, February 27, 2009

Emily and the hot tub

For almost two years now I have been attending a local gym…with a hot tub in the locker room. Emily always tells me to take a bath in the BIG bath tub instead of a shower when I’m done. I like a soak every now and then in the hot tub but, it’s not my favorite form of relaxation. But on the occasions that I DID soak in it-Emily was pleased with me. Why?! WHO KNOWS?! lol

Well, for some time now she has been telling me that she wanted to get in the big bath tub. Two weeks ago she and I talked to one of the gyms owners and asked if that would be ok. She said yes, and Emily was ecstatic! So a couple Tuesdays ago I had a surprise for her after I picked her up from Preschool. She had no idea that that day was THE DAY. lol! I had her swim suit, 3 actually for her to choose from. Come on this is Emily we’re talking about! The girl that changes 3 plus times a day and would change more if I didn’t start threatening to get RID of clothing to keep her from doing that!…ahem anywho-She picked a suit and had a ball!

For the most part she had the tub all to herself. A few other ladies came in for a few mins. It wasn’t a long soak. She is only 4 after all and only weighs 36 lbs. But she enjoyed her 3 mins in the tub…..10 mins out….3 mins in the tub…..10 mins out…..for almost an hour. wink! I love surprising my kids with little things like this. sigh.

p.s. Jill this was for you-because I promised! wink