Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Snow Day

It snowed again here! A dusting more like it, lol. But enough for them to cancel church. Seriously. I remember days in OH going to church and school in snow that we had to DIG our way through to get to both. Yet…here in the south white precipitation is cause for total shut down. Grocery shelves go bare after the first weather forecast. Trucks are out salting the roads or distributing a brine mixture. Funny thing is, we rarely get snow after all of that. So when we do, it’s a big deal.

The kids and I had a GREAT day! The only thing that could have made it better was if we had been able to sleep in instead of getting up, showering and THEN finding out there’s no church. wink wink. Oh well-lol! After the news came, everything slowed down. sigh. In a good way for sure. The kids started playing games with Grandma and Crappa and had a ball. After awhile I photocopied some church activities out of a couple books I had been given. I turned on a playlist of the 2009 Primary Sacrament Presentation songs and the kids started singing the songs and coloring. It was wonderful hearing them sing, seeing them sitting together around the table happily working on their “church homework” as they call it. wink.

At one point during our coloring and homework, Christopher got a bit slap happy to say the least. Emily, Kayleah and I were around to witness his hysteria. He had us all laughing with him and we didn’t even know why?! He is such a hoot! If you look closely at Christopher’s hair in this picture, you will see a ponytail. If you look at the girls hair, you’ll see lots of braids in their hair. Janece did those. And apparently she thought Christopher shouldn’t be left out. Or it was a subtle hint that the boys need hair cuts, like YESTERDAY. tee hee. Well, good news is my friend Amy is going to save the day, and then they will look FABULOUS! *yep, that was for you-and you know who you are, wink*

To end the day on a perfect note, we had been invited over to dinner by our good friends the Taylors. The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast, it was perfect. We played games, ate good food, laughed and laughed some more. Good day.