Monday, March 2, 2009

Build A Bear

I have wanted to take Sarah to Build A Bear since she was like 2. She has ALWAYS loved babies and stuffed animals and being that I've called her Sarah Bear from birth, how PERFECT is B-A-B for her?! I decided that I wanted her to be able to remember her experience so I decided to wait for her 4th or 5th birthday.

Well....much has been going on with us lately and her 4th birthday just didn't work out. Her 5th birthday was quite a big deal as it's the first birthday the kids invite friends from school or church to celebrate with her. She had an amazing Princess party hosted at her Dance Studio. So adding a B-A-B to that would have been over the top and I feared lost in the frills and tiara's. yes-tiara's.

So for her 6th Birthday I FINALLY gave my Sarah Bear a gift I've been waiting to deliver for years. So, on February 16, 2009 Sarah and I headed out on our adventure to build her a bear! Yep. That's right. It took me 5 months to deliver on one of her gifts! What can I say. I'm a mom. Single mom. With LOTS going on. AND B-A-B is an hour away. AND It was suppose to be just Sarah and Mommy-that's not easy when she's in school I had to find the RIGHT day, the RIGHT time, and an amazing friend to entertain my other 4. Okay-no more excuses. I'm lame. We had a GREAT time though and Sarah was so thrilled! Sarah and I had dinner at McDonald's to start off the evening. She wanted to go to CiCi's pizza but the two locations we know of were closed down. So McDonald's it was. wink! After that we headed to the Mall to build her bear!

She was SKIPPING into the store and just taken back when she saw it. I'm sure you can imagine Sarah's face, body language and squeals of delight. Well, double your imagination. At least! After picking a couple of different bears and being unable to decide she finally did fall in love with a pink and white bear. Shock. hee hee. The girl who helped Sarah stuff her bear was just wonderful. She loved helping Sarah and got a kick out of her spunky personality.
After she stuffed her bear, Sarah picked out a beautiful.....PINK heart! There were many designs to choose from. Red, pink, hot pink, pink and white checkered, red and white checkered and I'm sure more. She hardly hesitated when she grabbed a pink heart took it over to place it in her bear. The sales gal had Sarah warm up the heart in between her hands. Then place it over her mouth, forehead, arms, cheeks, legs...etc. She had a cute little reason for each-but like I could remember all that!
Finally she had Sarah make a wish and kiss the heart. They placed the heart deep in the bears padding and then a really cool thing happened. I got to place a SPECIAL I Love You heart in Sarah's bear with a wish for her. It really is ONLY fitting that Sarah's bear has TWO hearts. Sarah has so much heart and love. She loves the two hearts! After her bear was sewn up it was off for a brushing and bath. This was Sarah's favorite part she said. I think she could have stayed there for a LONG time. And she WAS there for a decent amount of time. When a couple more people came into the store I was able to convince her she needed to finish up so they could give their bears a bath. Now that her bear was cleaned and groomed it was time to name her and give her a get a birth certificate. Sarah named her bear Ella. In her words-Ella, like Ella Arell in that movie...she means Ella of Frell as in Ella Enchanted. wink wink. We printed her certificate and the sales girl presented her with her brand new baby girl bear! She had her in the carrier and Cinderella high healed shoes Sarah picked out for her. lol! I really wish I could remember the sales girl's name...She thought Sarah was so cute she dumped a TON of bows in her box to play with. Sarah was speechless. On the way out the door she was skipping again and just in heaven! To top off the evening I took her to my favorite ice cream place ever...COLDSTONE! I've never taken the kids and Sarah is the first, and still only one who has been. She really enjoyed it. Even though she could see it eating in the dark car on the way home. Ella was safely tucked in her box in the back seat so she didn't have to worry about spilling or dripping ice cream on her. Even though I would have LOVED to have done this two years ago for Sarah I'm so glad I finally got to take MY Sarah bear to get HER very own bear. Sarah has loved dressing her bear up in little clothes outfits from my friend Jen. She can't say enough about accessorising with the bows. Because Sarah loves to actually dress the bear up, and really any toy-especially barbies-she will do this for hours, I have been an ebay junkie watching for GREAT buys on B-A-B clothes. Can we say Easther?...Brithday...Christmas...just being cute...bribery...LOL!