Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever!

Last Sunday we were "snowed in", this Sunday we wore sandals to church! LOL-seriously it was in the 70's here. LOVE IT!

A quick update: Kaleb and Emily have started soccer again and both are loving it. Emily's entire team returned to finish out this year and she couldn't be more excited. Kaleb is one of 3 returning players on his team AND they have a new coach. He is still excited and confident that all will be well. What will be interesting is that one of my best friends son, Gabriel is on another team in the league and they play against each other in the first game of this season! Look out people!

No worries though, it's all good. wink. The boys will have a BLAST. And we mom's aren't competitive people at all! We just want to see everyone having a good time. Winning?...what's that?...pish posh-it doesn't matter who wins. Right?! (wink wink and a nod) hee hee

Other than that, we have just been enjoying the super warm spring weather and the energy it bring with it. The kids started Spring Break Friday after their Spring Concert (blog post and hopefully video-if I can get it to work, coming soon! yay!) it lasts for two weeks. Biggest bummer is the 5 days or so of rain that's been fore casted. ugh.

OK-like I said, more posts coming. With pictures. And some with video.