Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's your story?

OK, so I decided to blog about this because one, I'm SURE some of you feel my pain here and know EXACTLY what I'm talking about and two, I'm curious. I LOVE my son (I know I have two but to protect his identity here I'm just going to say yes, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing WHO I'm talking about). To be clear-I love BOTH my sons *wink wink* One of his little personality ticks is that he just DOESN'T focus. Hardly EVER.

He is SMART as a whip and HILARIOUS and talented and super sweet. But focused he is not. *wink* The kind of kid that you give directions to in a group setting, and then look DIRECTLY at and repeat the instructions and then wait for acknowledgement from him before moving on...even though you KNOW he probably STILL didn't really listen to what you said and any second will come to you and ASK you what you JUST said! Yes, that's my son! LOL!

Well, he has a habit of leaving things places and then FORGETTING to get them when he goes back. Some examples his scriptures at church, his books at school (and NO he doesn't always leave them in his desk. Sometimes in the lunch room, the gym or on the bus!) his jacket, his coat, his umbrella, etc. You get the idea. Well last week he left his jacket at school on Thursday and there was no school Friday due to it being Good Friday. I was less than happy of course.

Not only was it a BRAND NEW jacket from Old Navy, but here he had yet AGAIN left something, FORGOTTEN something that he just SHOULDN'T forget. *wink* So after promising to get it first thing Monday upon returning to school we left it at that. Tuesday morning, yesterday, I'm getting them ready for the bus and he was pacing back and forth in the kitchen with his backpack on and NO jacket. I asked him to get his jacket on and he gives me "the look". Ya know, the one that says it all-Oh Crap! I forgot to get my jacket AGAIN and she's NOT going to be happy with that, look.

He was right. So, in a moment of sheer frustration for not being able to get him to be responsible for his things and the whole sick and tired of having the SAME conversation about the SAME stuff with him, I did something that some would bow their heads in shame over, while others will applaud. And then some of you will simply pity me because you understand...but don't approve. LOL!

Rest assured your opinions are WELCOMED...just no hitting below the belt people-I have limits *wink wink* OK, I went into my room, got a sticky note and wrote: I left my jacket at school last Thursday. Please help me remember to get it. Thanks, my mom. And I then safety pinned it to his shirt. He was less than thrilled-but was DETERMINED to get that jacket FIRST thing so he could take the note off!

This method with him worked. And it's not a detrimental method. Now, if I tried that on Kayleah she would have a complete melt down and it wouldn't NOT be good. Different strokes people. Well, I instantly felt HORRIBLE as I watched him board the bus with his head held down. But something in me stopped me from dialing the schools phone number and telling his teacher to remove it for him FIRST thing to save him the embarrassment of it. Ironically, he doesn't really GET embarrassed he's just to easy come easy go. THANKFULLY!

When he got home from school-he HAD his jacket! LOL! I asked him how the note worked and he said GREAT! I then asked him when he got the jacket and was able to take OFF the note. FIRST thing he said! As SOON as he got to school he went straight to his teacher who let him go right away to the lost and found and get it. She THEN paraded him around to the other 2nd grade teachers showing them his note pinned to his shirt. After he told me that I thought GREAT! Now they all think I'm so HORRIBLY mean!

So, I asked him why she did that. His answer put me at ease instantly. He started laughing and said, Well she just showed each of the teachers and said-look how smart his mom is! We should give this idea to other moms and maybe use it ourselves on kids so they won't forget to tell their parents things or forget their belongings here at school! So I was RELIEVED to say the least that they GOT-I LOVE my son, I'm just out of ideas to get him to REMEMBER to bring his belongings home. Or just about anything else for that manner.

Do you have a similar story? If so PLEASE share :)

ps to calm ANY thoughts that he's scared for life from this-I heard him laughing and telling a little boy at scouts tonight about it and thought it was hilarious! He even said-ya I did NOT want that on my shirt but I probably WOULDN'T have remembered to get my jacket and that would be bad. Especially 'cause I like this jacket! It fits perfect! It's perfect warm and perfect cool.
What a sweet boy!