Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emily is now 5!

My baby turned 5. sniff sniff. She had a spectacular birthday! Her day started off with going to Dickson Doughnuts with her cousin Preslee and her friend Isaac. They had SO much fun picking out their doughnuts and eating them in the car. It's always fun taking in birthday treats to school. Emily wanted to take cupcake ice cream cones in. They were so cute! And WAY easier to make than I thought. She got lots of awesome gifts. If you ask her what she got the FIRST thing she tells ya is she got a cupcake maker-a REAL cupcake maker! And it DECORATES them too. ;) The other "big event" for her birthday was getting to go to build a bear and make her build a bear. She picked a cute Lamb that she named Lucy the Lamby. TOO CUTE! She now has a couple build a bears. She also got one from her aunt and uncle that is a pink monkey named Spunky The Monkey...hmmmm I like the name! *wink*

Her party was lots of fun. Grandma and Crappa had a SUPER fun game to play called Duck, Duck, EMILY! As you can imagine-it was hilarious! Aunt Janece and Uncle Jeremy brought their classic win loose or draw with all the things being about Emily in one way or another. Aunt JoJo and Uncle Levi did a balloon game that was nothing short of HILARIOUS! So thanks to everyone Emily had a very memorable 5th birthday party!