Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look at Us!

Last summer Sarah started learning how to ride a two wheel bike. And then the weather turned cold and we put the bikes up and she had to wait until this summer to pick it back up. She took to it RIGHT away! Emily decided she wasn't going to wait another Summer to learn and convinced Uncle Levi to get her on the bike and she learned to ride THAT DAY! She's still a little shaky on take offs and needs a bit of help to get it started, but once she's on she goes!

Memorial Day...What's that mom?!

As the kids are getting older they ask more and more questions. Sometimes I'm not sure how to answer their language and for their age. Memorial Day was no exception. What is it? Why do we celebrate it? How come we always get out of school for it? ..etc! Simply telling my kids the answers to these questions didn't seem enough this year. So I was way excited when my bestest friend Jennifer called and said, "Hey wanna go to the cemetery with us?!" Um...YA!!

So off we went to the cemetery to see the soldiers graves and explain why we honor those that have died and served our country through the military. Seeing my children all gathered around a flag, hands over their hearts saying the pledge of allegiance with a background of soldiers grave markers, I felt a sense of pride and gratitude. I am so blessed with beautiful, smart and (most of the time-wink) sweet children. I was overwhelmed a few times as I saw my children demonstrate reverence and respect as we walked through the markers. There were times a few of them would stop and study a marker. For whatever reason that particular one would catch their eye. Maybe the flowers that were left by a loved one, or the dates or even how many wars they served in. Who knows, usually they didn't say. They just stopped and looked.

For the most part they were Adam's shadows following him around and firing questions galore at him! :) He did such a good job of explaining things to the kids and teaching them about reverence and respect for the soldiers and for their graves. Jenn and I got to hang back and kind of take it in for the most part...with our cameras of course! ;) Some of the kids, ahem Sarah, decided to pick dandelions and started placing them on the graves every now and then. Some of the kids noticed that some of the flags placed in front of the markers were falling down. This was another teaching opportunity. Adam told the boys that a lot of times local scout troops will come and place all those flags on the markers. This of course caught Kaleb and Christopher's attention. Reminding them that the flag isn't suppose to touch the ground, the kids started fixing some of the flags as we made our way..The cemetery was truly a beautiful sight. I don't often feel that way about cemetery's. For me, they have never been a place that brought me a profound sense of peace. When I visit a cemetery I have feelings of reverence, respect, sorrow, reflection and gratitude. For whatever reason, as I walked through and took in the hundreds of service men and women's resting places I felt peaceful. I know it sounds a bit corny but it seems only fitting that I would when the very thing I pray for, when praying for those fighting in wars, is peace


After we got home we threw on our swim suits and spent the rest of the day in the pool! Our first swim of the summer was...chilly! HA HA! But the kids swam and had a blast. I stuck my feet in and that was good enough for me! We of course had a cookout and the food was yummy!