Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pillow talk...

Two nights ago I had an intense experience. With my dryer. No, I did not crawl in...or on top of it. I'll start from the beginning. Two days ago I washed my pillow. My FABulous, fall into, laying on a CLOUD, down feather pillow. Well, when you wash a feather pillow it takes SEVERAL drying cycles for it to ACTUALLY dry. So, all day long I kept checking it and pressing start over and over again on the dryer. Well, I finally hit start for the last time an hour or so before I was going to bed. When that blessed time of day came I went to dryer expecting to grab my warm EXTRA fluffy pillow out of the dryer slip it into my nice clean pillow case and fall into blissful sleep. nope. Instead I found this:
I was quite distraught. SO DISTRAUGHT that I didn't even clean it up! I ripped off the tag, turned on my laptop and promptly ordered another one. There is a silver lining to this story...several years ago when I first purchased this pillow it was $60. When I found the website and selected my FABulous pillow to order I discovered that it came in a pair AND it was half the price for TWO! YIPPEE!! SO, really I owe my dryer a huge thank you! ...but it better be nice to these two.