Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, my Dad closed the pool today...sniff sniff. That's right, no more swimming at Grandma's and Crapa's house. We deffinitly haven't been swimming as much as we did when we lived there, EVERYDAY! But it's still sad to see that it's closing solidifies the end of summer.
So in honor of the pool closing I found this photo. I know I have TONS more and SO MANY blogs that I need to post...I'm trying I promise! Let me preface this photo, I was sitting across the pool from Emily when I looked up to see her sitting there in GLOVES with a towel over her lap, a hat on lookin' at a book. I started laughing immediately!! I was trying to decide if I was looking at my 5 year old or a flash forward to Emily as a 50 year old *wink* I love how the buttons in the cushions and her hair make it look like she's wearing big dangling earrings!

*lots more swimming photos coming...soon*