Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm thankful to be a mom...

I love the stuff the kids bring home from school! So much so that I have two boxes/tubs and a counter full of their masterpieces that I just can't throw away. I've said it before, but my plan is to keep scanning them and creating a book of all their stuff to share with everyone. But some things just can't wait to be published *wink* Sarah's teacher has them do creative writing almost everyday. I love, love LOVE to read her papers everyday! She is so full of personality! She's also really good at drawing and does a really good job illustrating what she writes about.

I love how the Queen is holding up her skirt and there's a sailor (most likely from the ship wreck *wink*) that's carrying her bags.
This is just too cute. Her teacher had her spell everything...can you tell? Nearly everyday Sarah brings home a paper that says "I like my mom" I LOVE it...who doesn't want to hear that their kids likes them? WHO? Sometimes her paper says "I like my mom"..."my mom likes me" Those are my favorite papers!
I am thankful to be a mom.