Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

This year we celebrated Christmas in our new house. But old traditions were still had. Every year on Christmas Eve we get to open a gift. It's no surprise WHAT the gift is but still so much anticipation and excitement about getting it. We always get pj's! (thanks nanny kk for finding the boys pj's for me-they were a HIT)
Another tradition we have is our stockings. If you look in the background of some of the pictures you can see the stockings hanging on the wall. They're about as tall as Emily and as wide as your leg! Santa lays them at the end of our bed and if we wake up and see them there we know it's ok to run out to the tree and open presents! This year it was so funny because I heard the kids wake up and then they started going through their stockings and as they found stuff and shouted it out to each other I could mentally see "where" they were in their stockings and how much time I had till they hit the end. LOL! The FUNNIEST part was they finished going through their stockings and then I braced myself for them to come screaming into the bedroom to open presents...I heard silence. Silence?! yep. And then I heard cartoons. I started laughing and walked into the boys room where they all were watching tv and asked them if they wanted to open presents? It was like "oh ya!" presents! LOL
We had a great Christmas this year. To highlight some of what the kids got and what they seemed most excited about: Emily, art supplies! I'm sure by the time she's 18 she will single handedly be responsible for killing a rain forest. Sarah, a homemade doll house. It's really beautiful and just perfect! (thanks Jennifer for making such a special gift for my princess). Kayleah, her very own mp3 player! I have had to put limits on how many hours she can listen *smile* I love that she loves music so much. Wonder where she gets that?! *wink* Christopher AND Kaleb, air hog gravity cars! They can go on the walls AND ceiling!

The BEST and BIGGEST surprise gift was the WII!! Along with Guitar Hero!! A few days before Christmas we happened upon an AMAZING deal on craigslist (LOVE craigslist) and just couldn't pass it up! The kids were SO EXCITED! So was Uncle Michael and Uncle Jeremy *wink* We had everyone over for Christmas morning breakfast at our house. The uncles had a great time "showing" the kids how to play Guitar Hero and Super Mario Bros. All while Crappa slept on the couch!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meeting Santa

The last day of school the kids had a half day. So after we picked everybody up from school we headed out to see Santa Claus! The Taylor's Grandma was so lucky because Santa Claus came to her work to see everybody there. The kids all took turns jumping up on Santa's lap and telling him what they wanted for Christmas. It was especially fun afterward...while the kids snacked on refreshments that were there they quizzed Santa...on EVERYTHING!! It was TOO FUNNY!

Emily quickly rattled off a few things, smiled for the camera and jumped off Santa's lap.
Sarah...her list was especially lengthy *wink* and she was relentless with questions for Santa afterwards!
Kayleah...she had a hard time coming up with something actually.
Christopher looked so big on his lap!
Kaleb in true Kaleb fashion responded with "you should know what I want or you'll get my letter soon." when Santa asked him what he wanted!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Days...Yes, even in TN!

Ok I KNOW I have a a lot to get caught up on here with this blog. But it's a new year and new goals. I hope to get back into this full swing like before *wink* So mother nature and the over paranoid people of the south, decided that 16 days off from school wasn't enough. First week back the kids scored a 4 day weekend! Today we decided to take the kids sledding. They had a BLAST!
Though it doesn't look like there's much snow on the ground it was frozen enough that they still flew down the hillside in the sleds. Our best friends the Taylor's were with us and brought the super fun sleds the kids had such a GOOD time with! For some reason all the kids thought it would be fun aim for the concrete drain at the end of the hill! There were a couple close calls but no body got hurt. PHEW!
I had another picture collage to go on here but for SOME reason it won't load *sad face* I'll see what I can do in the next few days. I'm excited to get Christmas on here! We had a great Christmas and a slammin' good New Year's party! Hope everyone we know and love are well and healthy. And from us to you, a VERY belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!