Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring has sprung!

All around there are beautiful signs of spring and I LOVE it!  I love walking out the door every day to see new flowers popping out all over the place.  I have beautiful azalea's on the side of my house that are just stunning.  Our house looks very spring-y *wink* it makes me smile to pull up in the driveway.

For several days now I have noticed a couple of birds flying in and out of one of the hanging flower baskets I have on the porch.  Well this morning Jenn suggested that maybe there was a nest in the flower basket.  She was RIGHT! (no big shock there) *wink*  Yep, I got my step ladder and camera and took some pictures of their nest and supper cute baby eggs.  And guess what?!  There's FIVE!  Yes, I love the coincidence. LOL!

Tonight when we got home from Cub Scouts I could see the momma bird (I'm assuming) sitting on the eggs.

My Dad noticed a week or so ago that a Robin had made a nest in the bush things they have by the pool (I can't remember the name of if you read this maybe you could leave a comment and tell me what they are *wink*) Anywho-he asked me to bring my camera over and get a picture of the nest.  Well, the first day I was suppose to take it there were 2 eggs in the nest.  cute.  I forgot my camera.  :-(  SO the next day I took it and there were THREE eggs!  Even more cute but I was so bummed I didn't get a picture of the two...then three. Oh well.  I took my camera the NEXT day JUST incase and LUCKY ME...there were 4 eggs!  Their eggs are so pretty.  Kayleah looked at the pictures and asked me if my parents "colored" the eggs and then put them back in the nest! LOL!

The nest is just shorter than I am, so it's really low to the ground.  But that makes it fun and easy to keep an eye on.  I'm hoping to get pictures of the babies from both nest!

Florida Sunsets...breath taking

There are no just enjoy.


Ok, so I realize that I have a couple of duplicates here but I've edited them differently.  Some I made warmer, some cooler and some didn't need anything *wink*  I would love to hear what you think...which ones are your favorites?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I got the collages to work!! YAY!! *wink* so take a look...

The second day we were there Jenn rented a wave runner! SUPER FUN!  None of us had ever been on them before.  So, on her debut drive Jenn took her boys, Gabriel and Isaac out for a ride.  They came back SO EXCITED about it!  They kept telling the other kids they were just going to LOVE it so much!

Sarah and Emily were next.  Sarah apparently had a hard time keeping ahold of Jenn during the ride.

 Kayleah and Christopher went next.  They got splashed in the face with the wave runner *wink*.

 Kaleb was last, or so we thought...ahem.  He got to go the fastest with Ms. Jennifer and he was SO excited about that! LOL!

After Kaleb went little Liah started saying she wanted to go with mommy on the boat.  So we thought "why not?!" She then floored us even MORE  when the guy who was helping the kids on and off the boat docks reached out for her AND SHE WENT TO HIM?!! With NO qualms!!  She let him help her get the life jacket on and put her on the wave runner with Jenn.  The whole time I'm thinking as soon as Jenn gets on the water and turns that motor up she's going to freak out and scream for me to get her off...NOPE!  She starts waving "bye Hannah!" and apparently had a BLAST with Jenn on it!  I really should have Jenn write up this part of the vacation because she's the one who took the kids out.  I actually didn't go out on the wave runner.  And NO it wasn't because I was chicken-SERIOUSLY people!  We ran out of time...sniff sniff.  But next time...OH YEAH! *wink*

We had guests come into the marina while everyone was wave running...DOLPHINS! It was really neat to see them!  Later I was telling Jenn about it and she said she thought she saw some "big fish" underneath her while they were out on the runners.  She's even pretty sure she hit one a time or two....AHHH so sad!   Again, I'm really going to have to have Jenn write up about the wave running trip.  The kids loved it!  You could tell her confidence was growing with every run with the kids because she got faster and more crazy *wink* lol they had a blast!

After we went wave running we went to the one, the ONLY...PINEAPPLE WILLY'S!! Did we get a picture? No.  Why you ask?  I have NO IDEA?!  But we did get the kids all shirts that I'll have to get a picture of them all in them and put that on here.  It was cool.  And good food!

Finally we went "home" and hit the beach.  It was a perfect end to the day.  We played in the sand, found sea shells and Jelly Fish.  Seriously there were Jelly Fish EVERYWHERE  there on Sunday...but I'm talking about Friday.  Ok, we saw a HUGE one that went right by Kayleah, Jenn, Liah and me.  I tried to catch it in a bucket but we couldn't get it fast enough.  Out of nowhere this kid comes up, scoops it up, dumps it on the beach and CHOPS it in HALF!  Then he scoops the rest of it up in a bucket and takes it off to bury it.  We would have LOVED to have let the kids look at all the cool parts of the Jelly Fish.  Especially since it was a mature Jelly fish!  GRRRR.  Oh well, later I found a little one, scooped it up and we showed the kids that one.  AND we shared with people around us.  So THERE mean selfish kid on beach! TBS!! I feel better now.

The three bottom left pictures are of the little Jelly fish we caught and "played" with...then buried.  Because that's what you gotta do when you find one.  Otherwise it might sting someone.  :-(   The other pictures were taken either from the balcony of our condo or off the pier.  Pretty cool huh?

In another post, I'll put up the sunset pictures I took on this night.  They are BEAUTIFUL! *wink*

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break - PANAMA CITY, FL

Growing up spring break vacations in my family usually if not always meant camping with some friends of ours.  We usually went to Old Man's cave or deer creek park.  Those were GREAT memories.  We always had fun and we looked forward to it every year.  The two most popular Spring Break vacations are camping and...GOING TO THE BEACH!

My best friend Jenn and I decided to take our kids to Panama City, FL this year for the beach vacation!  I have never been to FL and my kids have never been to FL.  The first time they ever saw the beach was Christmas 2008 when we went to North Carolina last minute and stayed with our friends the Wells.  They couldn't really play in the water or the sand though because it was too cold.  So I was super excited for them to ACTUALLY go to the beach and PLAY!

Due to ALL the snow days we've had this year the kids school district took away the first 2 days of spring break.  Jenn had already booked a condo for last Wednesday through Monday and we had already planned on taking them out of school that Wednesday anyway so when we realized we were going to have to take them out of school for 3 days we devised a plan....BOWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!

I wrote notes to all the kids teachers letting them know that we were going out of town for spring break and that it was a surprise to the kids so please DON'T tell them.  And yes much to my kids dismay I asked them for any work that they might miss while they're gone.  SO the plan was to send them to school Wednesday morning for about 2 hours and then take them out of school and tell them, we thought you guys would rather go to the BEACH in FLORIDA than stay in school for the rest of the week!! And take off for paradise from the school parking lots!

Great plan huh?...well my van had another plan.  Fortunately I had my dad check my van over to make sure it would MAKE it all the way to FL and as a last minute thought I had him check the tires.  My van is EATING tires because of my axil.  ANYWHO turns out I needed 2 tires and there was NO way I was going to make it to FL and back without ending up on the side of the road with flat tires. BUT of course it was at the end of the day and no one could take care of it that NIGHT.  So boring van story short I ended up getting my kids from school at around 2pm.  SO we picked up our kids and then swung by our house to drop off all the backpacks and broke the news there.  (I actually have video of this but the video button is gone from blogger?! anyone know how to get it back?)

SO off to Florida we headed and finally arrived around 1:30 in the morning!

BUT when we woke up this is what we saw:

Because we were staying in a Condo we needed to hit up the local Walmart for some groceries.  But we couldn't just look at the beach and take off to the store!!  So we took a walk out onto the beach and got a taste of the ocean.

We couldn't get back from Walmart fast enough!  Here the kids are anxiously waiting for us to take them to the beach and play!  I LOVE the kids expressions in this picture.
from right to left: Christopher, Kayleah, Kaleb, Sarah, Emily, Gabriel, Isaac

And finally...the beach
Emily and Isaac were SO funny together...and cute.  They got along REALLY well the entire trip-PHEW!

After we played on the beach all after noon we decided to try out the indoor/outdoor pool area under the resort.  The kids LOVED it!  There was a huge dumping bucket that was loads of fun!  Kayleah was HILARIOUS in these pictures Jenn took...she and I laughed SO HARD when she showed them to me!  The picture of Kaleb and Liah on the bottom right is pretty funny too.  Liah wanted to sit down where Kaleb was and she looked at him and said "Kaaaaleb" in that "you know what I want you to do" voice.  TOO FUNNY! And YES, he was a gentleman and moved. *wink* When we got back up to the condo to make dinner the kids were WORN out.  Then off to bed...Liah tried to sneak into a big bed *wink* she's too cute!

And then our first sunset in Florida.  Breathtaking.

...and that's the first day.