Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soccer Time!

Yep, we're doing soccer again.  YAY!  The kids are excited and so am I.  I missed the games and practices last year...shocking I know, but I did.  So did the kids because they opted for soccer again this year.  Emily and Kaleb are playing again.  Christopher will do baseball in the spring, Kayleah is doing choir this year again and Sarah wants to do cheerleading.  I haven't quite figured that one out yet for her...?

Anywho-the kids teams worked out well this season.  Emily is on a team with Isaac Taylor *wink* and between the Taylor's and us we all have practice on Friday nights from 5-8 pm.  So even though we're there for 3 hours, we have a blast!  Last night I made up some yummy bbq chicken round-ups and pizza rolls for a picnic dinner by the playground during practices.  It really was a nice evening.

Kaleb's practice

Then we were up bright and early this morning for games!  Emily and Isaac started right off at 9am and played two games back to back.  Poor babies it was BOILING HOT today.  The kids looked so haggard from the heat that I tried using an umbrella to shelter them but it just wasn't enough.  So afer the first game Jenn ran to the store and grabbed two awesome pop up shelters that made the rest of the day FABulous!  I think we became favorites with the coaches *wink* lol!  Emily's team won both games today.  The first score was 4-1 and the second game was 6-1.  We thought for sure they would be had by the second game but they came out even stronger!  They did so good, I'm proud of them.

Gabriel played his game during Emily and Isaac's second game so I didn't get to see any of his game...and I don't have any pictures to share here of him.  BUT he did say something very funny to me after his game while we were trying to switch fields for Kaleb's game.  His team had lost and he was a bit bummed about it.  He told me that the reason his team lost was because his mom gave him powerade to drink instead of water and the powerade had "slowed" him down.  Because he was so slow his team lost!  LOL!  He also told his mom this and informed her she needed to give him water from now on *wink*

Kaleb's game was next and he started it off with the fist goal of the game!  He was SO excited!!  He cracks me up when he's pleased with himself he get's a cocky swagger going on that is hilarious to see.  LOVE him!  He was pretty worn out already when it was time for his game because we had been there for quite awhile on the fields for other games.  I felt so bad for him a couple of times because he was hot and tired but still played strong.  A few teammates didn't show up and that only left one sub for them the whole time.  So he played most of the game.  I'm glad he chose to do soccer again.  He has such a talent for it...he has fancy feet *wink* His team won as well but I'm not sure of the score...I THINK it was 3-1.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunshine Princess

So sometimes Wednesday nights can be crazy.  Especially since we have cub scouts and activity days.  Basically this means I have about 20 mins usually to prepare and serve a dinner for the kids.  So quick easy meals are my friends on these nights!  Well tonight all my quick stuff was OUT.  Talk about bad timing.  Ugh. When this happens we use the back-up plan. Cereal. And we still had left over ceral AND nachos.  LOL!  Anywho-that's not even the STORY here...All my kids have a "color".  Long story and I'm pretty sure I've explained it before so I'll leave it out this time.  Well, Sarah's color is pink. When she was born it was actually pink and/or yellow.  My mom found straw bowls a couple years ago and got one for each of the kids.  The one we got for Sarah was yellow.  So that's the one she's been using.  Not so long ago I found a PINK one for her.  Ever since she's pretty much stuck with the pink one. *wink* SOOO tonight at dinner out of nowhere Emily asks Sarah WHY she doesn't use her yellow bowl very much anymore.  Before Sarah could answer I said something like "well she used the yellow one mostly because she didn't have a pink one but she still uses the yellow one sometimes too." Sarah piped in and said in a very matter of fact  yet "duh" tone "ya, I still use them both Emily I mean yellow is for Sunshine and pink is for Princess...I'm BOTH of those"  She is my Sunshine Princess *wink*

This is Sarah as a princess for halloween back in '06

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Legos...ALWAYS fun!

My kids have recently been totally into legos.  And I love that they are! It's time that's NOT spent in front of the TV time that's NOT spent on video games *wink*  Sometimes I wonder how I ever filled my time growing up without all the technologies my kids have now a days.  The kids are always proud of their creations and ask me to take pictures all the time of things they've made.  They mostly make ships or cities...but I need to find them some more people.  I've had GREAT luck with getting cheep bulk legos off of ebay.  The other night the kids wanted me to take pictures of their creations.

Soon after Sarah came bursting into the kitchen singing on her new lego creation... lego MICROPHONE! Leave it to SARAH to build a microphone out of legos! LOL! Love that girl.

You can't see it in this picture but there's a grey top on the microphone! lol! (you can see it a little better in the picture just before this one)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy moments

I love small random moments with my kids that just make me smile.  Moments you can't always capture on camera because they're spontaneous...or even everyday.  Today driving home from soccer practice the kids and I were listening to the radio and a song came on that they we all love.  When all 6 of us sing it really sounds like a choir! I LOVE IT!  Of course I love that my kids love music like I do. It makes my heart smile.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mother Nature..A.K.A. Kayleah

So yesterday after church our friend caught a pretty big moth...he collects bugs. Anywho!  On the way home Kayleah and Kaleb were talking about it in the van.  Kayleah said "once I found a moth or a butterfly maybe that was on the ground and it's wing was a little bent, I picked it up and un crinkled it's wing and then it just flew off all better.  It's like I'm Mother Nature!" and Kaleb had to agree. *wink* too cute

Saturday, August 7, 2010

School is back in session!

Can you believe it?!  Summer isn't over but Summer break is.  The kids started school back on Monday.  It was fun getting up and getting ready for school again...ahem...sort of.  None of us like getting up to an alarm.  The kids rarely need it.  They are usually up WAAAYY before they need to be.  Emily is still like her mamma and loves her sleep in the mornings.  I do have to get her up most mornings.

I made the kids pose for "first day of school" pictures *wink* look how big they are though?!

...remember how fun it was to put your new backpack on full of new school supplies?  Pencils that haven't been sharpened yet (even though the supply lists say to pre-sharpen them...whoops!) fresh packs of paper...6 dry erase markers (I'm not kidding) plus all the other "supplies" that they have to have now that aren't really supplies for THEM but for the classroom.  Anywho-back to backpacks
...and new shoes

The day before school the kids had an open house and got to go meet their teachers.  I forgot my camera so the next day I took the kids into their classes and got pictures with them and their teachers. *wink*  After the open house we went to Grandma's and Crappa's house for our special back to school dinner!  Grandma had made steak, salad, baked potatoes, french fries, fresh fruit and for dessert browines with icing and mini m&m's and ice cream!  It was delicious.  Then Crappa gave all the kids back to school blessings.  I'm so amazed how fast they're growing up.

Emily has a great 1st grade teacher this year, Mrs. Jenny.  We were sad at first that she didn't get Mrs. Laura, all the other kids had her for 1st grade.  Preslee is in her class though.  Sarah's 2nd grade teacher is the same one that Kaleb had, Mrs. Wills!  The trips have homeroom teachers-BUT this year they change classes for each subject.  So they have 6 teachers total! I know...ALREADY?!  Yep.  Apparently so.  This first week has gone well though so hopefully it won't be too much for them during the rest of the year.

Emily and Mrs. Jenny 1st Grade
Sarah and Mrs. Wills 2nd Grade
Kayleah and Mrs. Brandi 4th Grade
Christopher and Ms. Lori 4th Grade
Kaleb and Mrs. Brunett 4th Grade

After school Grandma made everyone cookies!  
Calee, Emily, Kaleb, Kayleah, Sarah, Preslee, Christopher 
(behind is Isaac and Gabriel and Liah was next to me taking a picture)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day we really have to leave?!

So Monday morning came and yes, we had to go home.  Or at least START making our way in that direction. *wink*  We made it to the lobby area of the resort we stayed at and took some pictures.

We had to do a silly picture after making them pose for a serious one
There was this great photo op area just set up and ready to use *wink* and so we did!
And Liah...this is the BEST one we got *wink*
Again, we had to give them a silly one

If you're wondering how we got the kids to cooperate so well with all these posed's how:
Notice Liah in the background ready for another bite.

So after we took all the pictures we could at Splash it was time to go.  We weren't quite ready to say goodbye to the ocean so we packed up the vans and headed to the pier for some more pictures.

After taking a few shots of the pier we tried to get some pictures with the kids...but the sun was a little bright and so the kids were less than excited to pose *wink*

Liah wanted NOTHING to do with pictures

The candid pictures went a little better

Gabriel and Isaac
Kaleb, hiding from the sun

So after posing in the hot sun we were THIRSTY and hungry...and if you're thirsty where should you go?! MARGARITAVILLE!
this is the boat we ate in
How cool was it to eat in the boat?! very cool.
There was a lady on stilts that made fun balloons for everyone.
Captain Gabriel
Christopher chose a palm tree hat
Emily's twisty hat

Isaac's sword

Kaleb's hat

Kayleah got a hat AND a bow and arrow *wink* the balloon lady didn't hear what she REALLY wanted so she got two.
Sarah's hat was REALLY cool!  Super tall and twisty.
...and can you se Liah's little dog in this picture? it was super cute too!
And now the lady that made it ALL possible...

After we ate we decided it was finally time to head home *sniff sniff* but this time we had to stop mid way during the trip and stay at a hotel.  It was pretty late at night and most of the kids were asleep in the cars.  When we had them come into the hotel they just crashed.  It was funny.  Liah decided that she no longer needed to sleep in a pack-n-play and she wanted to sleep next to Emily *smile* BUT she wouldn't sleep until she had her book.  So Jenn had to go dig through the van and find her book.  She was the only one awake while everyone else had crashed within mins!  As soon as Jenn gave the book to her she smile, rolled over and went to sleep. Too Cute!

Isaac, Gabriel, Christopher and kaleb crashed!
Sarah, Liah, Emily and Kayleah across the bottom.

On our way OUT of Florida we stopped and took this picture
So really we were saying goodbye *sniff sniff*
...but don't you worry! WE'LL BE BACK!