Friday, November 19, 2010

Hat Day at school

Today was Hat Day at Centennial Elementary.  If the kids brought in money of any amount for Pennies for Patients they got to wear hats at school.  I was really touched.  The kids found change anywhere they could.  Kayleah even gave Sarah some money so she could wear a hat as well.  I love it when my kids are so sweet to each other.  I had the kids pose with the hats...the first one is funny because the trips wanted to be serious.  LOL
So then I asked them to smile for me...
They are a force to be reckoned with!! And I LOVE it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summer lovin'...I mean FUNIN'! *wink*

Were you starting to wonder if we even HAD a summer break?!  Well, we did.  And it was packed with lots of fun!  I have no idea what order really any of these super fun things happened...but I have pictures so we'll start there *wink* beware this covers FOUR months people!

One of the super fun things the boys did this summer was lots of backpacking trips with Adam.  He took all four boys, Kaleb, Christopher, Gabriel and Isaac on some fun trips.  I was told Christopher was the best hiker.  That doesn't surprise me *wink* he's a super him TONS!  In this picture the boys are patiently waiting for Adam to say "Lets GO!" but in the meantime Kaleb is telling the Sarah all about the what what's of hiking. SO Kaleb.
All I said was stand together so I can get a picture...and this is what I got.  Gabriel and Christopher
Kaleb and Isaac.  I have to say, Isaac looks a little embarrassed to be standing near Kaleb. hmmm...LOL
And they're driving away.  It was cute some of the boys actually got a little teary eyed as they drove away.  I have cute video of this...

While the boys were gone camping we decided to sort of camp.  Well, ok so we decided to just do the REALLY fun part of camping and that was building a fire and making smores!  The girls got a little nutty to say the least...ahem...

It took a little time to get it going but we FINALLY had fire after a bit.
and we're roasting marshmallows...yum
the girls decided to "go into the woods"...we aren't sure why but they acted like it was scary.

Well what came back with them was what was scary!  All of a sudden Jenn and I turn around and there's Sarah.  with THIS

ooo fire!
Emily roasting-REALLY roasting her marshmallows
Liah liked roasting...but not eating *wink*
Just DON'T try and take her graham crackers! lol
Kayleah was uncharacteristically fond of the camera this night!
So as you can see we had a FANtastic time fake camping! *wink*

Playing outside is a must in the summer and it's something we LOVE to do.  Jenn was full of outdoor projects she wanted to this summer so we were there a lot helping.  Well, I was helping the kids were playing and I snuck a few pictures in the process.  The best ones are the ones I get when they don't know I'm watching!

While Jenn and I worked out in the yard, the kids decided to play in the garage to escape the heat...
From left to right, Kayleah (in the back), Gabriel (love his hair!! sniff) Liah and Emily in the jeep, Christopher, Sarah and Kaleb under the jeep.
 Apparently this was a comfortable seat...?
Love the get-up Sarah! LOL!

So another day Jenn decided to CHOP one of her trees up and I was looking at the remains on the ground and said it's too bad she couldn't make a bouquet out of them because the flowers on them are so pretty.  Well that gave me an idea.  Instead of just chucking them into the woods behind her house I suggested she give them to Sarah...SO FUNNY!  Sarah loved them of course and was all smiles and giggles about it.  Seriously you would have thought she just won some great prize!  It was too funny....and SO Sarah!
Emily got a little bouquet as well.
Kayleah got one as well.  But nobody cared about them quite like Sarah!

On another day, Adam had built a new tree swing in the backyard-SUPER FUN! The kids absolutely loved it!  To take off on the swing the kids climbed to the top of the slide and jumped off the back.  It was somewhat scary for me to watch but ya know, ya gotta let go eventually. sniff sniff
Christopher on the swing
Emily taking off on the swing.
Isaac on the swing
Liah on the swing...that girl is fearless!
One of out other FAVORITE summer nights activities was ROCK BAND!  One night in particular the Taylors were spending the night so we partied into the one point Jenn and I were jammin' and at one point I turned around and saw Emily passed out on one of the couches...we laughed and then looked at the other couch
and found Isaac passed out on IT!  We started to say maybe we should put the kids to bed when we turned around again and found Gabriel...
passed out on the PIANO BENCH! We literally hit the floor laughing and I ran for my camera!  
This child is actually sleeping here!  This tops falling asleep while you eat *wink*

Another highlight of the summer was a DAUGHTRY benefit concert that Jenn and I got to go to!! It was SO good! There were two opening acts, Lifehouse was one and I can't remember the second one.  Also, Kelly Clarkson made a special appearance and sang an acoustic song with Daughtry that was awesome.  We won tickets to go to the soundcheck before the concert and it was pretty cool.  I've never sat THAT close to performers before (except my first Acoustic Christmas 2008 where we were right by the stage for the last act) ANYWHO-it was cool.  After the sound check we went to a few local bars where there was live music playing while we waited to get back in for the actual concert.  We had a great time! que pictures...
 he played a couple songs that he wasn't going to perform in the concert for us and I was so glad because they were some of my favorite ones!
This is taken right from our seats...that's how close we were *wink*
These guys were right by the arena where the concert was and they were pretty good.
 We headed across the street to a play that one of Jenn's friends actually runs...or owns...something like that-anywho the guy singing there was SO drunk but still good and lots of fun to watch!  We had a good time and since it was raining outside it was better to be there dry than outside in the rain.
Waiting in line to get in for the concert...
And finally the CONCERT!  Daughtry sang a song with the lead singers from each of the opening acts. I have to say he puts on a great concert.

And last but not least what summer is complete without SWIMMING!!  I have to admit this year I didn't take NEAR as many pictures of swimming than I have in the past.  I just wanted to relax and enjoy this year.  But I do have a few...and they're good ones *wink wink*
This is random
 Christopher posing in his jump...and Adam rubbing his nipples?!
 ...and he's still doing it.  Really?! yes, we see you.
 Adam.  Again, so random.  We let him come with us on our adventures every now and again-lol.  He's good for a laugh!
 I saw Christopher and Kayleah doing this and totally enjoying it! too cute
 Christopher's sweet jump
 Run Topher!  
 Emily's awesome jump
 Gabriel's copying Adam's jump...sheesh!
 Kaleb the flying squirel!
 I love his goofiness!
 One. Two. Three! Everyone jump!  and the line up is, Kaleb first, Christopher second, Kayleah third, Emily fourth, Sarah fifth, Gabriel sixth and Dalyn seventh!
 Kayleah's sweet
 another cool dive from Kayleah
  Liah apparently needed some metal?
 She has gotten SO big this year!
 Sarah was the chicken fightin' queen!

Sarah has a tendency to take TOO long to jump off the board...meanwhile other people are waiting for their turns.  Sometimes you have to help her out.  

 Sarah's sweet jump!

So as you can see we had a super fun and full summer!  We hope everyone else had a good time as well.