Sunday, February 14, 2010

REAL SNOW!! Part 1-Sledding for REAL

Well, the kids had a BLAST with the "snow" earlier this year but we FINALLY got REAL snow! Five inches and for TN that's AMAZING! The kids have been out of school for 11 snow days. We are officially OUT of snow days for the anymore and we'll have to start making up days. blah! The first round of "real snow" was mixed with a lot of ice. This snow was GREAT for sledding in but not so great for snowball fights or building snowmen. *Thanks to my best friend Jenn for finding EVERYONE snow pants-you are the BEST!* So here are some pictures of the kids LOVING the real snow!
Can you see our road?...exactly.
Here we went sledding at the church...I realized AFTER I got this all put together that I did this backwards...GRRRR! Sooo this is day 3 of the snow sledding adventures. Day 1 will be in the next post. In case you're wondering day 2 was Sunday...and there's nothing to report there-lol. Monday morning we hurried over to the church before it all melted away for one more day of sledding fun.
We didn't have sleds to use until our friends the Taylor's arrived with theirs *wink* SO until then we used lids to tubs that we have A-PLENTY! They weren't too bad!
Sarah, Kayleah and Emily flying down the hill. I love how Kayleah is covered and protected in between her two little sisters! lol!
Serious Sarah...she was relentless!
Pile up!! Kaleb is there somewhere *wink*
This hill had a really good run on it. I was surprised how fast the kids flew down it.
Kaleb and Christopher both couldn't go fast enough!
The whole way down the hill Kayleah was screaming at Kaleb that he was going to crash into her. He was screaming and laughing with anticipation of just that! And yes, they did crash.
Emily is so light that she glided across the icy surface usually without making a mark! After her first good run she jumped up, looked at me and said "THAT was fun!" too

Ok people, I'm going private. SO many reasons...SO comment on this post if you want access please. I'm giving you a week. *wink*