Monday, March 1, 2010

Vampire's vs Princess's

Dinner time talk is always interesting at our table. Sarah and Kaleb typically monopolize the conversations...big surprise! Well, tonight Kayleah was miss talk-a-tive. She got a new book last week at the scholastic book fair. Grandma (and Crappa in spirit) took the grandkids to the school book fair and let them each pick out a book.
Kayleah picked out a book called My Sister The Vampire. She has had her nose in it ever since! It's just very fascinating to her. And really can you blame her? It's a book about vampires! When she's older I've got a few she might like! *wink* ANYWHO she was telling us ALL about her book and what's going on and what she THINKS is going to happen and what the story is BEHIND the story...etc. WELL I think Sarah felt a little robbed of her "everybody listen to me" time. LOL!

She waited for the RIGHT moment and when Kayleah took a brake to take a bite of food she jumped right in. She quickly said "Mom Kayleah's book scares me." I asked her why because absolutely NOTHING Kayleah had said would make me think her book was scary. This is where you can tell Sarah is working her brain as hard as she can! She stammered around for a minute pretending to be too scared to tell me...mind you this looks like an actress trying out for a role in a poorly budgeted movie-LOL she really is ALL about the drama. She finally comes up with an answer, "the title scares me."

Really. THAT'S the best you got?! I asked her why and she said "I don't like the word Vampire. I wish that it just wasn't part of our words." My response was something like, ok well I guess Vampires scare some people. Then she got this pouty look on her face and said "I just don't think that sounds like a very good book. My sister the vampire? I think they should call the book My Sister The Princess. LOL!! And I really DID-laugh out loud!
That's my Sarah. MUWAH!