Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday (that's right people...after a YEAR'S absence)

Flashback Friday #16
I've got a problem!

OK.  So, I was looking back through all the posts that I started and that were still sitting in "edit" mode and found this one.  I originally wrote it back on June 10, 2009.  The only disappointing thing about it is that I never did get around to taking the finished photo picture.  GRRRR...oh well-it's still amusing! *wink* As a side note, can you believe that I went ALL of 2009 without a SINGLE Flashback?!  Man I REALLY dropped the ball on this one!

I've got a problem!!  Aside from being a GREAT line from a song, it's true.  Hello, my name is Hannah.  And I'm a beauty productaholic.  Admittance is the first step, or so I'm told.  For almost 2 years now I've struggled with getting my bathroom closet and cabinets "under control".  Well, for WHATEVER reason I finally did it.  I made myself take out all the crap that was in it, get rid of some...ok a LOT and re-organize.

Feel free to laugh.  But this is what I pulled out of 2.5 shelfs from the closet.  
In case you're thinking "did she say 2.5 shelf's?! ...before you scroll back up to make sure you read that right, you did.  I am amazingly good at getting a LOT of crap in a very SMALL amount of space.  That's right.  I can admit it!

And here's what it looks like (and sadly still does) under my sink.

Now I know lots of you have similar situations happening in your bathroom closets.  So I'm curious...what would you find if you emptied yours out?  Here's what I found that was most surprising, in the sense that it was in my BATHROOM closet:

Yep, women's rogaine, a lighter and a sewing tape measure.   Now, the Rogaine isn't too surprising for a bathroom but for MY bathroom-miss Holy Hannah you've got a lot of hair! yes, it's surprising.  What's funny is I remember why I have it!  YEARS ago a friend waxed my eye brows and she took off way more than I would have liked her to have.  Especially on the top-where you should NEVER wax.  Anywho-another friend suggested a while back that I try using rogain to get them to grow back in!  Ya, I'm not so sure it did anything!! *wink*  The lighter....I have NO IDEA?!  And same for the sewing tape measure?!  

So after 5 hours of working on it-this is what it NOW looks like.

*see, this is as far as I got on the after pictures apparently...sorry! It did look SO pretty all organized*

So I showed you my closet...let's see yours! *wink wink*