Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring has sprung!

All around there are beautiful signs of spring and I LOVE it!  I love walking out the door every day to see new flowers popping out all over the place.  I have beautiful azalea's on the side of my house that are just stunning.  Our house looks very spring-y *wink* it makes me smile to pull up in the driveway.

For several days now I have noticed a couple of birds flying in and out of one of the hanging flower baskets I have on the porch.  Well this morning Jenn suggested that maybe there was a nest in the flower basket.  She was RIGHT! (no big shock there) *wink*  Yep, I got my step ladder and camera and took some pictures of their nest and supper cute baby eggs.  And guess what?!  There's FIVE!  Yes, I love the coincidence. LOL!

Tonight when we got home from Cub Scouts I could see the momma bird (I'm assuming) sitting on the eggs.

My Dad noticed a week or so ago that a Robin had made a nest in the bush things they have by the pool (I can't remember the name of if you read this maybe you could leave a comment and tell me what they are *wink*) Anywho-he asked me to bring my camera over and get a picture of the nest.  Well, the first day I was suppose to take it there were 2 eggs in the nest.  cute.  I forgot my camera.  :-(  SO the next day I took it and there were THREE eggs!  Even more cute but I was so bummed I didn't get a picture of the two...then three. Oh well.  I took my camera the NEXT day JUST incase and LUCKY ME...there were 4 eggs!  Their eggs are so pretty.  Kayleah looked at the pictures and asked me if my parents "colored" the eggs and then put them back in the nest! LOL!

The nest is just shorter than I am, so it's really low to the ground.  But that makes it fun and easy to keep an eye on.  I'm hoping to get pictures of the babies from both nest!

Florida Sunsets...breath taking

There are no just enjoy.


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