Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

 This morning I had 5 little kiddos wake me up with breakfast in bed *wink* since it was only 6am and they were kind enough to ask if they could being me breakfast then I told them how much I loved the idea of breakfast in bed but could I maybe have it around 8 instead...they happily said yes.  And then for the next hour and a half they kept coming into my room one by one asking if I wanted breakfast yet. *wink* I ate at 7:40 something-LOL!  I poured my milk on my tasty honey nut cheerios and then feel back asleep until 9 o'clock.

The kids all made me cards that were so sweet.  I love the words they wrote for me.  In his card Christopher told me he loved me even more than animals taking themselves to space. *wink* I was also told I was the coolest mom ever.  They are amazing kids.  I love them so much and I'm so grateful to be their mom.