Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love to laugh!

It's true.  I DO love to laugh!  And fortunately for me my kids make me laugh all the time.  I have to say though, Kaleb catches me off guard and gets me ROLLIN' on a regular basis.  Just Sunday he was trying to be funny but in the process not doing what I asked him to do...I looked at my mom and said "he thinks he's so funny"  To which she replied "he IS!"  Well, ok so he is. *wink*

Tonight at dinner Kayleah started talking about foreign countries.  Specifically Japan.  She thought that Japan was famous for pizza. *wink*  I told her no, I think you're thinking of Italy.  Then she said, "oh ya they're famous for spaghetti!" lol...nope that's Italy too.  So Kaleb says that he's pretty sure America is famous for hamburgers and french fries.  I laughed and said I was pretty sure he was right.  The kids tried to figure out what other foods countries were famous for...all the other suggestions Kaleb offered up were funny but wrong.  So out of desperation to get SOMETHING right he says "Tennessee is famous for Bluegrass."  I started laughing! First of all, it wasn't food and second of all...where did THAT come from?! So as I'm laughing and he's laughing he says "I've heard some of it.  It's not bad." So yes Kaleb, you are SO funny.