Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm still alive...though barely at times

I know I'm WAY behind on blogging again.  (thanks for the reminder Jill *wink*) I've been meaning to get caught up for a while now.  I still have Florida to finish up, the scoop on the baby birds ('s not all happy *sad face*) and lots of other fun summer activities we've dived right into!

I also skipped over a couple of birthday's.  Emily, Kaleb, Kayleah and Christopher all had birthday's recently.  And they all got a GREAT big gift from mom (with the help of Ms. Jennifer *wink*) they all got BIKES!!  The kids are growing SO fast and their old bikes really looked like they were ridding little big wheels or something. LOL!  So we did some research and found some GREAT deals and VOILA! Birthday bikes!

Emily LOVES her new pink Barbie bike with the basket on it.  It's perfect size for her too!

Coming around the corner...
SURPRISE!!! Your big birthday gift is BIKES!! They were so excited.  And we had loaded up everyone else's bikes too so they could all ride around together in the church parking lot.  They  had a blast!

Getting on our bikes for the first time...

And we're off!
I know what you're thinking...WHEN did she grow up?!  This was taken in May.  She's taller now.  Someone help please!
Christopher loves his bike.  Even though it's blue and not green. LOL!  It has taken some getting use to being on such a grown up bike though.
Kaleb's bike is step down from Kayleah's and Christopher's.  But Kaleb is a step down from Kayleah and Christopher in height!  He is my shorty! LOL!  This bike fits him perfectly though.  It's a "trick" bike.  And he hot rods on it. *wink*