Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 3...The Beach

Saturday we got up and got ready to go the pier and for some shopping.  The whole way down to the car I kept feeling like I just wanted to stay "home" and spend the WHOLE day on the beach.  Not go anywhere or have any kind of a schedule.  Just the beach.  Well we got the kids all ready and we headed down to the garage.  As soon as we got to the car Jenn turned to me and said she just felt like staying "home" and spending the whole day on the beach.  I swear sometimes it's SCARY how much we think alike!  So back to the beach we went!  For the WHOLE DAY!  It was the best day of the trip.  There's not much to tell about the day so I'll just post pictures from our day at the beach.
Digging a hole
Still working on the hole
Gabriel was serious about the hole *wink* little surfer boy it comes!
Love his shark necklace!  Thanks Jenn!
Emily taken a stroll on the beach.  Not sure she's having fun by the face she's making?! LOL  But I do love that you can see her reflection in the sand...very cool.

Still workin' on the hole... his smile!
Waiting on a wave...and here it comes!
Kaleb...Mr. Cool
Seriously LOVE the necklaces *wink* and so did he!  Short story: So the next day we tried to take back the necklaces because 2 of the 4 we bought had already broken.  Well, Kaleb was in TEARS over having his necklace taken away.  I had already taken it into the store and exchanged it for a better necklace, slightly different but still a shark tooth necklace.  Well, I got out to the van and he was in tears.  Jenn told me what was going on so I took the new one I had gotten for him back into the store and asked her if I could have the other one back-it was too special to trade.  So he has his special shark tooth necklace.  He and Christopher both wore them to school almost everyday.
Love the get-up
I like that Christopher is in the background of this's just a cool pic I think.  I think Jenn took it...?
Kaleb looks like he's ready for battle and Kayleah looks like "say what?!" LOL!
Kayleah spent more time in the ocean than ANYONE on the trip.  She loved it.
She looks like a serious swimmer in this one.
Here Liah "found" a shovel.  It became hers.  LOL!

She is TOO cute with her little anklet and pineapple willy's tattoo.
Sarah loved getting hit by the waves.
She is also my one that needs a break from the fun every now and again.  I think in this picture she was actually pouting. LOL!
I DO have one really great story from the day...and it involves Sarah.  She had to pee.  So I told her to just go pee in the ocean.  You know you've all done it before too. *wink*  Well the idea to Princess Sarah of peeing herself in the ocean was NOT appealing.  She tried to "hold" it for awhile but eventually gave in and peed in the ocean.  It. Was. Hilarious.  She couldn't "relax" enough to do it at first.  And yes, I documented the event...enjoy. LOL!
The last picture on the bottom left is JUST after she finally was relieved.  TOO funny!
After a day on the beach we decided to check out the lazy river.
I love that Emily is mid-air in this picture
Emily underwater
Gabriel just chillin'
love this face! lol
Gabriel underwater...I wish I could have gotten everybody underwater but Emily and Gabriel were the only two.  I wasn't into making them do photo-ops.  We just caught what we caught. *wink*
Goofing off in the lazy river
Emily and Isaac were the best of friends this trip...and usually are.
Gabriel, Isaac and Emily
Isaac...LOVE this smile!
Kayleah in the lazy river
Christopher, Sarah and Kayleah
Gabriel, Kaleb, Isaac and Emily
Gabriel, Emily, Christopher (I think) and Kayleah
Kayleah, Kaleb and Christoper
Kaleb and Gabriel
Sarah, Gabriel, Christopher, Isaac and Emily
Kaleb and Christopher
Sarah and Kayleah

Such a fun day.

The babies were born!

Off with the bad news first.  The baby robins were born...see aren't they cute?
Sadly, they all died.  A few days after they were born my dad found the nest had been knocked out of the bush and the birds were dead on the ground.  He thinks a cat may have gotten to them.  (sad face)

Well, in the next couple of days our baby birds were born as well!  Here you can see all five little babies.
Here there's only four...?  Don't know what happened to the fifth one.
And then there were only three.  I have NO idea what happened to two of the babies.
Just about every day I checked on the birds.  Sunday my Dad had come over to get the boys to work on their rockets and all three were still there and growing.  Then Monday came and I checked on them again and they were all gone?!  The nest was empty...or so I thought.  I had been carefully watering the plant so I didn't drown the babies.  WELL they were gone so no need to be careful anymore.  I got the hose and just started spraying the flowers.  Then one little bird jumped up out of the flowers and flew/fell to the ground!!  I hopped all the way over to my neighbors yard under a tree.

I got my step stool and looked up in the flowers and sure enough there was another little baby out of the nest but sitting in the flowers.

Well I scared it and it jumped out and off it went to the neighbors yard.  I don't know where the 3rd one went but by night time the other two had followed mom and dad and made it up into a tree.  I kept an eye on them *wink*  Their nest is still in my flowers if they ever decided they want to come back.