Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 4...The Pier

Sunday we got up and took the kids to the Pier and for a little shopping.  I know we're horrible.  Oh well.  The Pier was really cool!  We met a really nice lady and her husband who use to live in TN.  I REALY wish I could remember her name...maybe Jenn can.  Anywho-she let the kids fish with her pole.  ALL of them.  She deserves a gold sticker. *wink*
Walking down the pier.
Looking out over the end of the Pier.
Christopher Fishing.
Emily Fishing
Isaac Fishing
Gabriel Fishing
Kayleah fishing
Kaleb fishing
Sarah fishing
After being so kind and letting all the kids fish with her pole she took a picture of us all.  We had lots of fun at the pier.

After the pier we visited some of the local shops and the kids all got boogie boards!  Then it was back to Splash!  We decided to check out the lazy river...with our new boogie boards *wink*

Everybody LOVED playing with the boogie boards

Emily's laughing and swiming while Kaleb and Gabriel are shooting the breeze on their boards *wink*

I'm confused why the goggles? ...he's on TOP of the board...?

It took MANY try's to get this shot of Kayleah.  For some reason she's become camera shy.

This was a hard little bit of time for Sarah.  She was having a drama moment for some reason?  It's. Sarah. Do I ever love her!

After we played at the lazy river part of the resort on our boogie boards we went over to the other side where the "playground", hot tub and most importantly THE BUCKET!

They're getting SOAKED!

How fun does THAT look?!

We decided to hit the last. time.  Before we left *wink* we WILL be back!  With the boards and the beautiful sun setting in the background I took advantage of the photo opps. 
The girls and I got anklets from Pineapple Willy's.

So I tried to pose everyone (except Liah) and no matter what I did Sarah looked like she was posing for Maxim magizine!  SHEESH!

do you SEE what I mean?!

Liah got in there with her bucket. *wink* and Sarah is STILL posing.
Darn kid in the background ruined my picture!! Gotta figure out how to edit him out?...

So after making them pose for what seemed like FOREVER to them...they made a bee line for the coast line! (bad joke I know.  It's all I've got) ...Ready...
And the fun begins!

Christopher and Kayleah surfing in the sunset.
Topher catching a wave.
Emily trying to get on her board to ride out to the ocean *wink*

Isaac trying to catch a wave...
didn't work out so well. *wink*
Christopher and Kaleb out in the waves.
Kayleah and Christopher.  LOVE the wave splashing!
Kayleah really loved the ocean.
Christopher, Kayleah and Kaleb
love those waves
I couldn't get enough of the way the water looked this night.
LOVE that they're in the sunlight!
Sarah went WAAAY off down the beach by herself.  I LOVE these pictures of her.  Just. LOVE. Them!
She did a great job in the waves!

It was BEAUTIFUL!  We could have stayed out there all night if it hadn't been for the fact that we all got starvin' hungry!  Still, the beach was pretty empty, the sunset gorgeous and being together made it all the perfect last night in paradise.
neither of us are thrilled with this picture...BUT we were there too.  And this is proof *wink* and this picture was taken on this the last night on the beach.  I wish I could SHOW you how calm and peaceful and perfect the feeling of being there was.  I hope to someday live by the ocean.