Saturday, August 7, 2010

School is back in session!

Can you believe it?!  Summer isn't over but Summer break is.  The kids started school back on Monday.  It was fun getting up and getting ready for school again...ahem...sort of.  None of us like getting up to an alarm.  The kids rarely need it.  They are usually up WAAAYY before they need to be.  Emily is still like her mamma and loves her sleep in the mornings.  I do have to get her up most mornings.

I made the kids pose for "first day of school" pictures *wink* look how big they are though?!

...remember how fun it was to put your new backpack on full of new school supplies?  Pencils that haven't been sharpened yet (even though the supply lists say to pre-sharpen them...whoops!) fresh packs of paper...6 dry erase markers (I'm not kidding) plus all the other "supplies" that they have to have now that aren't really supplies for THEM but for the classroom.  Anywho-back to backpacks
...and new shoes

The day before school the kids had an open house and got to go meet their teachers.  I forgot my camera so the next day I took the kids into their classes and got pictures with them and their teachers. *wink*  After the open house we went to Grandma's and Crappa's house for our special back to school dinner!  Grandma had made steak, salad, baked potatoes, french fries, fresh fruit and for dessert browines with icing and mini m&m's and ice cream!  It was delicious.  Then Crappa gave all the kids back to school blessings.  I'm so amazed how fast they're growing up.

Emily has a great 1st grade teacher this year, Mrs. Jenny.  We were sad at first that she didn't get Mrs. Laura, all the other kids had her for 1st grade.  Preslee is in her class though.  Sarah's 2nd grade teacher is the same one that Kaleb had, Mrs. Wills!  The trips have homeroom teachers-BUT this year they change classes for each subject.  So they have 6 teachers total! I know...ALREADY?!  Yep.  Apparently so.  This first week has gone well though so hopefully it won't be too much for them during the rest of the year.

Emily and Mrs. Jenny 1st Grade
Sarah and Mrs. Wills 2nd Grade
Kayleah and Mrs. Brandi 4th Grade
Christopher and Ms. Lori 4th Grade
Kaleb and Mrs. Brunett 4th Grade

After school Grandma made everyone cookies!  
Calee, Emily, Kaleb, Kayleah, Sarah, Preslee, Christopher 
(behind is Isaac and Gabriel and Liah was next to me taking a picture)