Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunshine Princess

So sometimes Wednesday nights can be crazy.  Especially since we have cub scouts and activity days.  Basically this means I have about 20 mins usually to prepare and serve a dinner for the kids.  So quick easy meals are my friends on these nights!  Well tonight all my quick stuff was OUT.  Talk about bad timing.  Ugh. When this happens we use the back-up plan. Cereal. And we still had left over ceral AND nachos.  LOL!  Anywho-that's not even the STORY here...All my kids have a "color".  Long story and I'm pretty sure I've explained it before so I'll leave it out this time.  Well, Sarah's color is pink. When she was born it was actually pink and/or yellow.  My mom found straw bowls a couple years ago and got one for each of the kids.  The one we got for Sarah was yellow.  So that's the one she's been using.  Not so long ago I found a PINK one for her.  Ever since she's pretty much stuck with the pink one. *wink* SOOO tonight at dinner out of nowhere Emily asks Sarah WHY she doesn't use her yellow bowl very much anymore.  Before Sarah could answer I said something like "well she used the yellow one mostly because she didn't have a pink one but she still uses the yellow one sometimes too." Sarah piped in and said in a very matter of fact  yet "duh" tone "ya, I still use them both Emily I mean yellow is for Sunshine and pink is for Princess...I'm BOTH of those"  She is my Sunshine Princess *wink*

This is Sarah as a princess for halloween back in '06