Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soccer Time!

Yep, we're doing soccer again.  YAY!  The kids are excited and so am I.  I missed the games and practices last year...shocking I know, but I did.  So did the kids because they opted for soccer again this year.  Emily and Kaleb are playing again.  Christopher will do baseball in the spring, Kayleah is doing choir this year again and Sarah wants to do cheerleading.  I haven't quite figured that one out yet for her...?

Anywho-the kids teams worked out well this season.  Emily is on a team with Isaac Taylor *wink* and between the Taylor's and us we all have practice on Friday nights from 5-8 pm.  So even though we're there for 3 hours, we have a blast!  Last night I made up some yummy bbq chicken round-ups and pizza rolls for a picnic dinner by the playground during practices.  It really was a nice evening.

Kaleb's practice

Then we were up bright and early this morning for games!  Emily and Isaac started right off at 9am and played two games back to back.  Poor babies it was BOILING HOT today.  The kids looked so haggard from the heat that I tried using an umbrella to shelter them but it just wasn't enough.  So afer the first game Jenn ran to the store and grabbed two awesome pop up shelters that made the rest of the day FABulous!  I think we became favorites with the coaches *wink* lol!  Emily's team won both games today.  The first score was 4-1 and the second game was 6-1.  We thought for sure they would be had by the second game but they came out even stronger!  They did so good, I'm proud of them.

Gabriel played his game during Emily and Isaac's second game so I didn't get to see any of his game...and I don't have any pictures to share here of him.  BUT he did say something very funny to me after his game while we were trying to switch fields for Kaleb's game.  His team had lost and he was a bit bummed about it.  He told me that the reason his team lost was because his mom gave him powerade to drink instead of water and the powerade had "slowed" him down.  Because he was so slow his team lost!  LOL!  He also told his mom this and informed her she needed to give him water from now on *wink*

Kaleb's game was next and he started it off with the fist goal of the game!  He was SO excited!!  He cracks me up when he's pleased with himself he get's a cocky swagger going on that is hilarious to see.  LOVE him!  He was pretty worn out already when it was time for his game because we had been there for quite awhile on the fields for other games.  I felt so bad for him a couple of times because he was hot and tired but still played strong.  A few teammates didn't show up and that only left one sub for them the whole time.  So he played most of the game.  I'm glad he chose to do soccer again.  He has such a talent for it...he has fancy feet *wink* His team won as well but I'm not sure of the score...I THINK it was 3-1.