Friday, October 1, 2010

Kaleb A.K.A. Metal Head

I know it's been a MONTH since I've posted...we've been BUSY but here's a post that I started but couldn't finish until I uploaded one of the pictures off of my phone (thank goodness for crackberry's *wink*) so here it is!...

July 27th I picked up my kids from my mom's (I had been in OH for the last two days) and we headed home.  Shortly after getting home our friends the Taylor's called us up and asked if we wanted to come wash vans and have fun outside at their house with them.  Of course we did!  So we headed over.  A few weeks earlier Jenn and I had purchased some skate boards for our boys from a garage sale for $1 a piece!  We leave them in her garage to play with over there because we don't have a driveway they can play with them on and I won't let them play in the street.  I know.  I'm SO mean.  Anywho- The kids got the BRIGHT idea to sit on them and ride them down their steep driveway.  We tried to warn them many times someone was going to get hurt but we could see this was going to be a "life lesson" moment.

A couple of hours later I turn around to hear Kayleah screaming like a banshee!  Apparently Christopher was skating down hill, realized he was going to crash into a standing Kaleb and abandoned skateboard...only the skateboard was STILL headed toward Kaleb.  Kaleb turned around JUST as the board hit his legs, flipped him up in the air and his back landed on the pavement and his head hit a combination of the board and pavement.  Kayleah went NUTS screaming because he had banged up his back pretty good!  It was bleeding, just about his entire back was scraped up (they were all in swim suits because we were "washing" the vans).  I looked him over and didn't see any major problems.  I even looked his head over and didn't find anything-not even really a bump.  I took him inside, cleaned up his back and put the biggest Band-Aids we could find on a couple spots and had him rest downstairs close to us so I could check on him.  He stayed inside for maybe 10 mins and then came back out to have more fun.  So I was pretty sure he was fine!

About an hour after the "incident" we headed home.  We didn't get far when all of a sudden Kayleah starts screaming again! I about ran off the road! (we had a talk twice that day about appropriate reactions...ahem) Kaleb starts freaking out because Kayleah is screaming "Kaleb's bleeding!  There's blood DRIPPING from his head!!" I pulled over and inspected his head.  Sure enough there was a bump the size of an orange on is head and pretty good gash that was dripping blood.  HOW THE HECK DID I MISS THAT?!  I was a little concerned about the gash because I could see white stuff poking out of his skull...hmmm.  So we headed back to Jenn's house and she looked at his head as well and decided she agreed with me, this did warrant a trip to the ER.  She was baffled by his sudden bump and gash that we missed earlier as well.  Turns out after talking to the doctor at the ER bumps don't always come out immediately and since I was RIGHT there when it happened I didn't give his head enough time to bump. *wink* The gash...I'm just blind I guess?!

Well, I called my mom up who again had just had my kids for 2 days and asked her if she could watch them again while I took him to the ER.  Kaleb did NOT go bravely to the ER.  Poor thing!  That's why we call him Melman...ya know from Madagascar? LOVE that movie.  Anywho- the Doctor agreed he needed ONE staple in his head.  So we called him Metal Head for a week *wink*.  When the pediatrician removed the staple he said the area was pretty tramatized but that he would be fine and he saw NO signs of long term damage. Well after another week I noticed the bump was finally getting smaller (the dr said it could take weeks for it to go down) but I also noticed all of his hair that was directly around the staple had fallen out.

As luck would have it Kaleb had a yearly check up appointment with the dr just a few days after he took out the staple.  I pointed out to him that his hair had fallen out...but that I didn't see any new growth coming in.  He laughed and said that will happen, and before looking at his head assured him the hair would grow back.  After inspection however his confidence fell.  *wink* he noted the area was "smooth as a baby's bottom" and didn't have ANY signs of hair follicles left.  SO he may just have a bald spot forever!


And in case you were wondering, it's October 1 and he's STILL bald...