Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ok, I know it's been almost a month since my last post...I don't know what's WRONG with me!  I keep trying to stay on top of things but it's just not happening.  I have SO many posts in "edit" mode waiting to be finished and I have high hopes that they will be-SOON.

So we woke up this morning and it started to flurry.  I assured the kids there would be school tomorrow.  Well, it kept flurrying...and then it started snowing...a lot!  And my assurances turned into most likely.  But it kept snowing.  It snowed so much that when we got to church they announced we would only be staying for the first hour.  Oh AND when we got to church we found out our school district was on "bus driver discretion".  At that point I agreed with the kids that school would be canceled.  VERY soon after church "bus driver discretion" changed to "CLOSED".

This is what it looks like here!

This is what our mailbox looked like when we left the house at 3 to go to Grandma's for dinner...

The road driving to Grandma's...

And this is what the mailbox looked like when we got home...not sure where the mail is going to go?
 In case you were wondering our mailbox is broken.  Has been since we moved in.  It was one of the MANY things that were suppose to be fixed when we moved in.  Nuff said.

Pictures of the kids in the snow you ask? ...I'm sure we'll get some tomorrow. *wink*