Monday, February 14, 2011

Sing my song!

Cute story:
The other day I was giving Sarah and Emily a bath and started singing the starship song "Sarah".  They asked me if I made it up and I said no, it was a real song.  Then Emily said "Sing MY song mom!".  I had to laugh!  I explained to her that to my knowledge there wasn't an "Emily" song from the radio.  Later that night I looked up the song on youtube and let Emily watch it, Sarah wasn't interested I guess (can't remember) she wasn't very impressed with the video and neither was I!  Soooooo 80's! LOL

As a side note, I use to sing the chorus of that song (Sarah) to Sarah Mohr all the time when we were in college. She hated it.  I still sang it to her *wink* I'm pretty sure she still loves me anyway.  Especially since I named one of my daughters after her.  Love ya woman!

...Sarah, Sarah stars are movin' in your eyes...Sarah, Sarah no time is a good time for goodbye!
*wink* LOVE IT!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beautiful Snow Days

Ok, so it's been over a month later and I still haven't posted more...I know, I'm horrible.  LOTS has been going on though!  I started school...YAY! I'm actually really enjoying it.  And the kids have quit going to school it seems all together.  They have had ONE full week of school since the middle of December and that's it.  This week they let out half day on Monday and didn't go back.  In the meantime I have had a fun time taking beautiful snow pictures.  And yes some of the kids too *wink* Hopefully I'll get more posts up since I have a snow day as well!

our backyard with the swing

this tree 

This one is my FAVORITE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Weeping willow trees.

our back yard

Our poor van *wink*

I just love it when you can see the snow sitting on the tree all the way down the trunk

again, our mailbox is just sad

love the sky in this picture

And for those of you that made it all the way down to the end of this post-YAY for you and you will be rewarded with a couple of cute kid pictures now!  During all the snow days the kids spent lots of time working on building forts and such but the coolest thing they built was with the Taylors... an Igloo! It actually fit ALL 8 kids and Adam, we were very impressed.  Unfortunately I couldn't get all the kids to pose for pictures.  So here's what I did get-

The top of the igloo is just about to Kayleah's head (far left in the back).  I do NOT know why these are small and when I try and get them on here right it just won't.  I don't know what the deal is...I've been working on it for HOURS now.  I'm not kidding.  This is ridiculous.  

All 8 kiddos making their way up the hill at the church

Emily got plowed with snow! ...she's not too happy about it here.

There's a happy face though! Sledding is SO much fun!

Gabriel liked eating the snow, even though it doesn't look like it here-that's what he was doing. :)

I had to include this one because of Gabriel's face-too funny!

yes, Liah was going to "push" them down the hill.

Christopher has sledding down!  He can FLY down any hill!

Isaac was another sledding maniac! He loved racing anyone that would.

Kaleb and Isaac spent as much time as they possibly could racing.

Kaleb also spent lots of time working on the perfect snowball.  Not too bad!

Kayleah, Kaleb, Emily

Liah eating snow

Liah laying in the snow.  I asked her what she was doing and in this picture she's answering me...I can't remember what she said though.

Kayleah is my little mother.  She is so sweet and so helpful.

Everytime Liah sled down the hill she lost a shoe or a glove or her hat or SOMETHING!  Kayleah always helped her get herself back together. *wink*

Sarah loved the red sled.

It was fun watching her trek up the hill with it!

I think here she just kind of froze for a min trying to get feeling back in her body or something! It was so cold.

Liah, Kayleah, Sarah and Gabriel
Topher LOVED that sled!

Emily is getting so tall

Sarah havin' a snack

Wipe out! 
Christopher and Isaac getting ready to race...
We had SO much fun sledding!