Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In the past I have spent months (okay nights without sleep...we all know I procrastinate *wink*) making homemade Christmas cards and mailing them out with our family newsletter.  I haven't don't that in a few years and while I do miss it, it's just not happened for lots of reasons.  So this year I'm doing it.  Just not traditionally and still no homemade card.  Maybe next year *wink*...MAYBE.

We have had a very exciting 2010.  Some family highlights of this year:
Our year has been busy and full of lots of wonderful memories with close friends and family. We had the biggest snow storm in TN that we've had in 7 years!  The kids got SEVERAL weeks off from school and had an absolute BLAST playing in the snow. We went to Florida for the first time EVER! Camped in Grandma and Crappa's backyard for Memorial Day.  Ran in our very first race, the Hoover Run.  Had ANOTHER snow storm blow through here and almost got another week off from school (only four day's this time). And that's really just a BRIEF rundown of our year.

Now for the traditional run down of the kiddos *wink*

Last school year Kaleb decided to do choir and had a blast with it, but missed sports.  So this school year he opted for soccer again.  We loved watching his games!  He is very good and was named the team captain.  Christopher got to play with him the last two games and it was SO FUN watching them play together again!  Kaleb has such a wonderful personality and sense of humor.  He keeps us laughing ALL the time!  Dinner time conversations are always a treat. One of the reasons I like this picture of Kaleb so much is because THIS is the face he has most of the time! As a side note, Kaleb's choir teacher had a student drop out of a choir after the year started and asked if Kaleb could fill his shoes, so he is also doing choir this year again. Kaleb is doing very well in school and was recently named student of the week.

Christopher is doing really great in school!  He is such a smart little man.  He has really gotten into reading this year and has read several books.  Whenever I get him to come talk to me about his day while I'm in the kitchen making dinner he usually wants to tell me about what he's reading and what exciting twist just happened in the book.  If it's not a book it's the lastest trick he figured out on a Gameboy or now DS game.  Sometimes, ok MOST of the time I have NO idea what he's talking about because I haven't read the book or because I have NEVER played these games. But he loves them!

Kayleah is growing up so fast.  She is a beautiful talented girl who is quickly becoming a young woman.  She loves to tell people her shoe size because she wears a 6.5 in WOMENS!  *wink* Right now her hair is almost down to her bottom!  She is a tall girl with a long torso so that is some LONG hair.  I recently convinced her to do Locks of Love.  She's a bit nervous about it but I'm hopeful she'll go through with it.  Kayleah is participating in two choirs this year.  Their director added a new choir this year that is more challenging then the other two he has and she is LOVING it!  This is the same Choir that Kaleb is in.  Kayleah is also doing really well in school and was named student of the week shortly before Kaleb.

Sarah is still my Sarah. She still LOVES dolls, Barbies, makeup, all thing princess and is recently into doing her own hair.  Many mornings I have to remind her that on school days, I do her hair.  On Saturday's I let her develop that skill *wink*.  When Sarah isn't doing school work, singing or watching Barbie movies you can most likely find her playing with her doll house that my best friend built for her last year for Christmas.  She LOVES that dollhouse.  All year she has been collecting dollhouse furniture and dolls for her house.  We even put carpet in it! Big news for Sarah this year, she turned 8 and was baptized by her Crappa on November 6th.  She also had her tonsils taken out just days after Christmas.  Poor baby had quite the ordeal with that but is doing much better now.  Sarah is still my little princess.

And my Emily.  She is also doing really well in school.  So well that while everyone else is doing homework she is creating homework for herself because she either didn't have any OR she got it done too quickly and wants more!  Emily is the paper queen.  If you want to make Emily happy and keep her entertained, give her some pretty paper, markers, tape, staples, gum, chap stick and granola bars!  She is always giving me little love notes.  Emily played soccer this year as well.  She did really well and had lots of fun.  She recently got her hair cut and it looks SO adorable.

And that leaves me.  I'm still me.  I'm taking care of five energetic kids and doing the best I can to be a good mom and friend. There have been lots of challenges this year, but also lots of joy and blessings.  Probably the most exciting thing that's going on with me right now is the fact that I will be starting school in just a few days. Yep, I'm going back to college.  My ultimate goal is to be a Sonographer.  I will first need to get a Radiology degree so I have a few years to go but I'm excited!

We hope you have all had a wonderful year, a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!  ...I truly hope to be more on top of my blog this next's to New Year's resolutions!

Hannah, Kaleb, Christopher, Kayleah, Sarah and Emily