Monday, February 14, 2011

Sing my song!

Cute story:
The other day I was giving Sarah and Emily a bath and started singing the starship song "Sarah".  They asked me if I made it up and I said no, it was a real song.  Then Emily said "Sing MY song mom!".  I had to laugh!  I explained to her that to my knowledge there wasn't an "Emily" song from the radio.  Later that night I looked up the song on youtube and let Emily watch it, Sarah wasn't interested I guess (can't remember) she wasn't very impressed with the video and neither was I!  Soooooo 80's! LOL

As a side note, I use to sing the chorus of that song (Sarah) to Sarah Mohr all the time when we were in college. She hated it.  I still sang it to her *wink* I'm pretty sure she still loves me anyway.  Especially since I named one of my daughters after her.  Love ya woman!

...Sarah, Sarah stars are movin' in your eyes...Sarah, Sarah no time is a good time for goodbye!
*wink* LOVE IT!