Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kayleah lock's of love

Kayleah has beautiful long hair.  She gets compliments on it wherever we go.  I've been talking to her for sometime now about doing "locks of love".  Most people know that is where you donate your hair to children with cancer and they make wigs out of it for them.  There are lots of salon's that will cut and style your hair for free if you donate your hair to this great program.  Well, we got even luckier.  A friend that attends church with us is a hair dresser and she participates in locks of love.  She came to our house and cut Kayleah's hair.  It's so beautiful and healthy now. And SO MUCH more easier to wash and brush!! LOL



The after pictures were taken about a week after the cutting occurred. I'm not going to lie to you...there was some crying.  Some shedding of tears DID happen.  After a couple people complimented her on how great her hair looked she started to come around to liking it.  And now...some confident after pictures!

 Beautiful Kayleah