Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's wrap up 2011 one quarter at a time! Part 1

OK So I'm going to catch up my blog one month at a time...because I'm SOOO behind!
Kayleah got her hair cut...

 We played in the snow...LOTS!

 Built a really cool igloo
Christopher joined a baseball team!

Spent many nights in the Taylor's basement staying safe from tornados...crazy tornados!

Spent time at a park playing during all the snow days we had


 Emily had pajama day at school
And one hundred day at school
 Christopher was Student of the week
 The boys participated in the space derby...I don't think our pack will be doing these anymore, they're so anti-climatic.

 Sarah built her own fort

Jenn found a good deal on a foam airplane and the kids had a blast with it! Adam had a blast getting it out of the trees *wink*

I found the girls like this one day just watching tv...apparently they were comfortable! lol!
 Emily helped build a robot out of recycled items at school. She was so proud of it, one day when I was at the  school she grabbed me and took me to her room so I could see it and get a picture of it. Super cute!
 Kayleah sleep walks...a lot. One night she came out and just couldn't get back to bed. It was kind of comical so I took a picture of her on the couch/in bed. haha!
 Emily is my big helper in the kitchen. She climbs on the counters to get food from the top of the cabinets for me.
 Christopher started Baseball games. We had so much fun watching him and cheering him on. I'm so proud of him!

 Sarah gave us a lesson she learned from church. Kayleah helped her.
As the weather warmed up a bit again we spent lots of time at parks!
 Liah and her beautiful smile.
 Sweet Emily!
 Kayleah with teeth! (she lost a lot of her baby teeth this year)
 My beautiful princess Sarah.
 Handsome Christopher
 Bold Kaleb
 The kids loved playing around in the fabulous weather.

 Brave Isaac who climbed the play set.

 Curious Gabriel
 Love the park!

And this is the first quarter of 2011 in a nutshell!