Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hot. Yoga.


So, a long time ago I heard about this thing called "Hot Yoga". Honestly, I thought it was like poll dancing exercise or something...?? But then a friend I work with was talking about it and I asked exactly what it was. Turns out it's exaclty what it sounds like. Yoga, that's  HOT!! It's 90 mins and something like 110 degrees in there while you do poses named after animals and nature all while keeping your balance and not DYING from heat stroke! Well, I've been out of the physical wellness game FAR too long now and I loved pilates so I thought why not give this a try. So I did. Yesterday. And today I can't move! LOL

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself for sticking with it. Everyone warned me, even the instructor "The first few times you come it's just about staying in the room. If you can't follow the poses no worries just lay on the mat, but don't leave. Once you acclimate your body it will be easier...etc..etc." So that was my goal going in. Just. Don't. Leave.  Well I got in, the instructor was kind enough to put my mat by the front door where she said it was the coolest. So I go to my mat and lay down in the dimmed and warm, but I thought very tolerable room. I closed my eyes and started focusing on my breathing. I did notice that most everyone around me was BARELY wearing workout clothes. Some where even in swimsuits. Got a little nervous when I realized that and here I was in my yoga capris, sports bra AND t-shirt. No worries, I've got this I thought. Besides NO ONE wants to see me in a bathing suit doing downward facing dog!

So class starts with a few basic poses and breathing and I'm thinking, "wow, I'm doing great! Like riding a bike...I've got this!" Granted I wasn't as graceful as my classmates but who cares I was doing it! I wanna say somewhere around 10-15 mins in I notice I'm really starting to feel...HOT. I'm even sweating. I'm not a big sweater...just always been one of those beautiful glistening people *wink* really though! Well, yesterday I'm sure I sweat more than the last year...two...maybe even three COMBINED! 

I wanna say based on my calculations I stayed with the class for about half of it. After that I had to take frequent breaks on the mat just sitting or lying down while MOPPING the sweat off my face and peeling my DRENCHED shirt off my skin. The feelings of passing out or vomiting were more intense than I can ever remember in my life. They may have rivaled the waves of nausea that come with labor contractions but that was so long ago...this was worse! I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to be in a bathing suit. At one point I would have settled for no clothes at all. The "hot" part was NO. JOKE. The instructor was great though and she would come over and check on me, gave me a few pressure point foot massages and kept spraying my legs with peppermint water stuff that was amazing.

And I stayed in the WHOLE time!!

I will be going back...maybe next week. I will say I slept amazing last night and woke up more refreshed than I have in a very long time. Getting out of bed and going up and down my stairs this morning has been a challenge to say the least. But like the say, no pain no gain!! Also it's worth noting, I will be in WAY less clothing next time, flappy arms be damned! LOL

Weird thing, my chin feels like I bruised it this morning...and I don't remember maybe I did pass out??

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