Friday, January 29, 2016


Yes, I realize most of you already know this...but I'm getting caught up remember? I think I will use my Flashback Friday's for older memories and try to stay current for now. But in the meantime, there are a few "LIFE EVENTS" that I want to start blogging about.

So, may I introduce to the blogging world,to the ADORABLE Max and Lola! They were Born in May of 2013 and we got them in June. We were instantly in LOVE!

Tragically not too long after his 1st birthday, and the day after his mama's (Jennifer Taylor) Max got loose from the kids and chased after a truck in front of our house. He was hit and died in my arms on the way to the Vet's office.
 It really felt like loosing a child and for the next several days and weeks I was in shock missing him so much. The kids were too.

Even Lola mourned his death. a few days after he died she laid in my arms like a baby would and cried tears, whimpering and all for three hours. It broke my heart more than it already was! The day he died she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. I held his body for most of the afternoon while Jenn got things ready to bury him. She would come and sniff us and then disappear for awhile. After his burial we found her on Jenn's bed laying on one of Max's blankets. She snuggled into Jenn for quite a bit it both broke and melted my heart.

Somehow Jenn found the strength to build Max a beautiful casket for burial. We put his favorite pillow and a few of his favorite toys in with him. Later Jenn Ordered a head stone that marks his grave in their front yard by rose bushes she and I planted around a big rock. We had a little service for him where the kids talked about what they loved about him and how much they would miss him. Max was one VERY LOVED puppy. I had many nicknames for him, Little Man, My Little Lion...Jenn did a beautiful job of creating his headstone to capture what he meant to all of us.

The Taylor's got a NEW puppy, Toby. He is cute as a button and full of energy. Lola didn't take to him very quick and it took quite a bit of time before she would pay him any mind.

Unfortunately they didn't get much time to bond and Lola grew sad again without a furry friend. So my family decided to become a TWO DOG family! Yep, five kids and two dogs folks! 'Cuz I'm just NOT busy enough!! LOL

So we got Harley. He was advertised as a Maltese/poodle mix.  Ya, no. He's a Maltese/golden retriever mix. LOL He has stubby little legs but he is the softest thing ever!! We love him to pieces, and so does Lola!!

Stay tuned for more to come on the adventures of Max and Lola and also Lola and Harley! I'll also give Toby a little more attention because I have so many darn cute pictures of him with the kids and Lola. This is just a sneak peak really into our furry family members.