Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WHERE'S the baby?!?

So, with a house full of teenagers I have a pretty good group of babysitters on my hands. I often get calls wondering if this girl or that girl is available to babysit. The girls love it because they have a pretty steady income! Even Christopher has a family of all boys that often calls on him to babysit and he really enjoys it as well. Then we have Kaleb.

Back up several months ago...

In the spirit of trying to make new friends we invited some of our neighbor's, The Davis' over for dinner. I made Aunt Marvalee's award winning pot roast and of course it was a hit!! They have four adorable little kids and we talked about if my kids love to babysit or not and would they ever be willing. At this point in the conversation I let Trisha know that ALL my kids EXCEPT Kaleb are great to ask to babysit. We laughed (including Kaleb) but I said, no seriously he can't focus on tasks let alone be in charge of other kids. LOL!

Well, who knows how much time went by but one day Trisha was in a bind and needed a quick sitter for just 20 mins or so. So she ran down to my house, knocked on the door and asked if any of the girls were home. They were not. Christopher?? nope. Just Kaleb. Well she figures really how bad can 20 mins be?? So Kaleb heads down to the house, Trisha leaves. She comes home, Kaleb goes home.

A few mins go by and she's back at the door. She is MISSING a child! The conversation went something like this:
Trisha: Kaleb where's (missing child)??
Kaleb: I don't know, he's not there?
Trisha: What do you mean you don't know??
Kaleb: I don't know where he is.
*Mind you I was told Kaleb doesn't look TOO concerned at this point, more just matter of fact.
Trisha: Well did he say he was going somewhere?
Kaleb: Oh ya I think he went to a friends house??...maybe??
Trisha: Did he say WHICH friend?!?
Kaleb: I don't know

At this point she starts knocking on doors. Fortunately her son's friends all live on the street and he was found quickly!! She relayed the story to me all while laughing but then also added "you did warn me not to ask Kaleb to watch my kids!!" LOL

Last week Trisha needed a last minute babysitter in the morning. I said no problem! I had orthodontic appointments for the four older kids and she could just come and hang out with me. Done! So my sweet Haley bug (that's what I call her) comes over and we all leave for the orthodontist. We get there and they take all four back right away and leave Haley and me in the play area. While the kids are back getting adjustments, Trisha calls to say she's done early, swings by the Dr's office and picks Haley up.

Out come's Kayleah first. She's showing me the new rubberbands, stops and worriedly asks "Where's Haley?!" I explain she's already with her momma. Next comes Christopher. His turn to show me his new color changes and then he stops, looks around and says "Where's Haley?!" I explain again. Then Sarah come's out. She's not even through showing me her changes when she starts to freak out that she can't see Haley. Again, she's fine shes with her momma. :) Then Kaleb comes out. He shows me his new changes and talks about how great the orthodontist says he's doing etc. I make the follow up appointments and we go.

On the way to the car they all convince me that I need to take them out to lunch before their mouths hurt so bad in the afternoon that they don't want to eat. Well, it worked and I agreed to take them to Firehouse Subs. We get to the sub place and spend about an hour eating lunch. As we are all getting back into the car to head to school Kaleb opens the side door and says "oh man I thought I was going to sit on Haley for a second, then I realized we just left her in the car while we ate...but she's not here? Where is she?!" All of us turn to stare at him and I said "Well good thing she's not in here or we are the WORST babysitters ever to leave that baby sitting in the car while we have lunch!" We're all laughing at this point and one of the girls tells him her momma already got her. We could not get over the fact that everyone else had noticed within SECONDS that Haley was missing when we were still at the Dr's office and that more than an hour had passed before it even occured to Kaleb she was no longer there!

I had to call Trisha and tell her the story right away! She thought it was as hilarious and TELLING as I did. And the moral of the story is, NEVER, EVER  ask Kaleb to babysit your kids!! LOL

Hot. Yoga.


So, a long time ago I heard about this thing called "Hot Yoga". Honestly, I thought it was like poll dancing exercise or something...?? But then a friend I work with was talking about it and I asked exactly what it was. Turns out it's exaclty what it sounds like. Yoga, that's  HOT!! It's 90 mins and something like 110 degrees in there while you do poses named after animals and nature all while keeping your balance and not DYING from heat stroke! Well, I've been out of the physical wellness game FAR too long now and I loved pilates so I thought why not give this a try. So I did. Yesterday. And today I can't move! LOL

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself for sticking with it. Everyone warned me, even the instructor "The first few times you come it's just about staying in the room. If you can't follow the poses no worries just lay on the mat, but don't leave. Once you acclimate your body it will be easier...etc..etc." So that was my goal going in. Just. Don't. Leave.  Well I got in, the instructor was kind enough to put my mat by the front door where she said it was the coolest. So I go to my mat and lay down in the dimmed and warm, but I thought very tolerable room. I closed my eyes and started focusing on my breathing. I did notice that most everyone around me was BARELY wearing workout clothes. Some where even in swimsuits. Got a little nervous when I realized that and here I was in my yoga capris, sports bra AND t-shirt. No worries, I've got this I thought. Besides NO ONE wants to see me in a bathing suit doing downward facing dog!

So class starts with a few basic poses and breathing and I'm thinking, "wow, I'm doing great! Like riding a bike...I've got this!" Granted I wasn't as graceful as my classmates but who cares I was doing it! I wanna say somewhere around 10-15 mins in I notice I'm really starting to feel...HOT. I'm even sweating. I'm not a big sweater...just always been one of those beautiful glistening people *wink* really though! Well, yesterday I'm sure I sweat more than the last year...two...maybe even three COMBINED! 

I wanna say based on my calculations I stayed with the class for about half of it. After that I had to take frequent breaks on the mat just sitting or lying down while MOPPING the sweat off my face and peeling my DRENCHED shirt off my skin. The feelings of passing out or vomiting were more intense than I can ever remember in my life. They may have rivaled the waves of nausea that come with labor contractions but that was so long ago...this was worse! I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to be in a bathing suit. At one point I would have settled for no clothes at all. The "hot" part was NO. JOKE. The instructor was great though and she would come over and check on me, gave me a few pressure point foot massages and kept spraying my legs with peppermint water stuff that was amazing.

And I stayed in the WHOLE time!!

I will be going back...maybe next week. I will say I slept amazing last night and woke up more refreshed than I have in a very long time. Getting out of bed and going up and down my stairs this morning has been a challenge to say the least. But like the say, no pain no gain!! Also it's worth noting, I will be in WAY less clothing next time, flappy arms be damned! LOL

Weird thing, my chin feels like I bruised it this morning...and I don't remember maybe I did pass out??